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Watches are a great fashion tool for every woman to show off her sense of style & fashion and have cemented its position on a lady’s wrist. Today’s women are much more fitness freak. Therefore they are quite keen on fitness, sport and looking after themselves physically and this make women seek sport watches as their natural choice for keeping time and enjoy other facilities of it also. Though these watches are for ladies but they are not like the jewelry type watches which women love to wear throughout the day. These are generally smaller versions of men’s sports watches with same set of features and the user should have some technical knowledge to use these watches to their potential. A number of watch conglomerates such as Nike Watchesetc. have come up with offerings in the women’s sports watches market with their famous brand names. Today’s modern, brave, independent, fitness-oriented women will find these types of watches the ultimate combination of features and fashion. It may strike to too many women that why they should buy such expensive sports watches with a renowned brand name over a more generic watch at a much cheaper price. But one should not forget that these branded sports watches come with higher quality features and a famous brand name offers added assurance that the watch is credible, worth the price and is backed up with a suitable guarantee and warranty. Women’s sports watches are always designed in a range of cool feminine colors and look delicate. But don’t measure them by their soft appearances as these watches are equally strong, durable and possess the same features that are offered in the men’s versions of these sports watches. Those adventurous women who are into trekking, mountaineering, rock climbing, rappelling, scuba diving, bungee jumping or any number of active pursuits will definitely find these offerings ideal. These women’s sports watches are specifically designed for this sort of activity and they are highly reliable, durable due to the specific features and deliver the exact time. They deliver the quality which a branded watch should do. And here come some handy buying tips and suggestions regarding these watches. While buying, first check the warranty period and also ensure that you are guaranteed repairs to your watch free of charge. After that, look for those specific features which will satisfy your needs e.g. if you want to use your watch in or around the water, then check the water resistance rating of it. If you are into scuba diving then you must get a certified divers watch. Nike Triax watches ensure that no damage will be caused to your watch if it get dropped or involved in any kind of physical mishap. Along with that Nike Triax has stopwatch, alarm with snooze, barometer, digital movement, altimeter, digital compass and many more features. Whether you are looking for heart rate monitor, calorie counter or compass, irrespective of your choice you will find some or other women’s sport watch meeting your demands.